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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Thinking Blogger Award

The Thinking Blogger Award Hey, Matthew Caverhill at Culture Kills has tagged me with The Thinking Blogger Award - thank you, Matthew, I'm pleased and honored.

Here's the deal:

I now select "5 Blogs That Make Me Think":

The Egalitarian Bookworm (Chick?)... also known as fellow-ette's blog, "High Culture, Low Culture. Bridged by Shakespeare, Austen" ... most recent post (this morning): "Bad Things That Happened on TV Last Night"

Fevered Mutterings also known as Mike Achim's blog, "At some point, it'll all start to make sense. But not today" ... most recent post (yesterday): "Insidious. Allegedly"

Kathryn Cramer also known as Kathryn Cramer's blog, "Overt Intelligence Operations & Wildcat Cartography: Mystery, Adventure, Intrigue!" ... most recent post (27 April): "The Chappaqua Orchestra presents The Red Violin"

A Model Media Ecologist also known as Bob Blechman's blog, "Musings on technology and culture by a disciple of Marshall McLuhan, Neil Postman and Claude Lévi-Strauss" ... most recent post (yesterday): "Look What’s Happened to Me! (I Can’t Believe Myself) For super heroes, evolution is not a theory."

Time Passing also known as Lance Strate's blog, "A blog for passing time, and passing messages about media, about media ecology which is the study of media environments, about language and symbols, about technology, about communication, about consciousness, about culture, about life and the universe, about everything and nothing, about time..." ... most recent post (yesterday): "A Man in Time: James W. Carey"

I enjoy them all, and you will, too...

Next - each of these bloggers, if they choose to participate, is asked to do the following: (1) choose five other bloggers, as worthy as you (notify them, as I have notified you, and write up a nifty little post like this), (2) include in your post this link to the origin of the Thinking Blogger Awards, (3) (optional) happily display the "Thinking Blogger Award" in some permanent spot on your sidebar or wherever with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternate silver version if the gold doesn't fit the sophisticated color-scheme your of blog).

And that's it!

(I was going to put up an Applause mp3, because the above blogs deserve it - I'll do that soon... ) (I know, famous, last words...)

Thank you again, Matt, for inviting me into this meme chain. (Matt has a great blog, too, by the way...)

And I'll be back tonight with my review of the penultimate (for this season) Lost...


MC said...

It was my pleasure to give it to you.

Paul Levinson said...

:) thanks, Matt

Doug said...

ah... didn't see you'd already been nominated. never mind - looks like you've been complimented (at least) twice!

Paul Levinson said...

:) I'm honored that you thought of me!