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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shane and Two Girls: Weeds 4.10

Weeds continues to push the sexual envelope this summer season ... hot spankings, MILFs, and last night in Episode 4.10 we find young Shane in a possible menage-a-trois with two girls from his school. You gotta hand it to those Botwin boys. Silas gets a beautiful blond mother of a ten-year-old (even though that's now not working out so well), and Shane gets two girls, one of which has written Shane, the other Botwin, on their midriffs. They got Shane's attention last week by showing him his name, and this week we find them at the Botwin residence.

Shane (always a fine performance by Alexander Gould) has come a long way since last year, when he was having trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy. Last night his main concern was exactly what he should be doing - or, how he should it - with these two girls.

Silas gives him a little brotherly advice... And we find Shane and the two girls asleep the next morning, and who knows exactly what happened...

Meanwhile, Esteban is concerned about Nancy's migraines, and gives her some super hallucinogenic Native American drug. Nancy feels better the next day. Will this change her life?

Not likely. But something will have to give, sooner or later, because she's far too happy with Esteban for this hilariously dysfunctional family narrative.

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