Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fringe 9: Razor-Tipped Butterflies of the Mind

Another stranger than strange, increasingly compelling episode (1.9) of Fringe, with the pieces slowly, ever so slowly, beginning to come together.

We learn more about Peter. Not much, but enough to see he has some kind of odd, dangerous storyline. The question is how much of it intersects with Walter's and Olivia's - and we're still not sure how much Olivia's and Walter's coincide.

Meanwhile, Walter showed himself, again, to be a decent, more than decent, human being. He tells Olivia no one loves playing with drugs, on himself and other people, more than he - but he needs more time, to work out a safer method for her unsort the fused memories she now has of John and her. Unusually and bracingly sane for a mad scientist.

Memories made real were the cutting edge of tonight's story, which started out with razor-winged butterflies and ended with a knife to the throat, all served up in the brain in some way by Massive Dynamics.

I have a soft spot for butterflies - my family likes, them, too - and when the kids were young we'd plant milkweed to attract the monarchs. We even raised a few, and eventually they flew off to Mexico or who knows where. It was nice. My novel, The Silk Code, also had a butterfly connection.

I'm not sure, exactly, what this has to do with tonight's Fringe.... Wait, I know, it has to do with memories.

More next week.

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