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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bones: Science, Hilarity, and Crime

I thought I'd jump in here with a little review of Bones - my wife and I have been watching and enjoying this and prior seasons of show on DVD and DVR all year, but I wanted to wait until I was up to date with the show to review it (lest someone come in with a comment and give something away to me).

First, I thought this season - the 4th - was different from the previous seasons, in some ways better and some ways a little worse. I liked the rotating assistants - after Zack was revealed as the bad guy's disciple last year - but I missed the one central, zany assistant like Zack (and a dominating central story line, too). For that matter, I didn't find Zach as evil apprentice too believable in the first place. But what this year's season had going for it was its irrepressible humor even funnier than in the previous seasons, and bubbling closer to the surface. I laughed out loud, for example, when Booth and Bones were interviewing high school women in a pregnancy club this season, Booth asked who the father was, one of the women said "Clinton," and Bones asked, "President Bill Clinton"? (And I'm generally a fan of the Clintons, too.)

The season finale was Booth's dream in a four-day coma, in which he and Bones were not only sleeping together (unlike in the reality of the series) but married. They were night-club owners in the dream, not FBI guy and scientist, and the rest of the crew were well and hilariously dreamed, too. The dream ends when Booth wakes up, with Bones next to his bed in the hospital, and he can't remember who she is ...

Not a bad set-up for the next season. But, romantic that I am, I'd like to see Bones and Booth together - or least, sleeping together, already - in the reality of the television series, too. (Second time I've used that phrase - it says something interesting about television, doesn't it, when you need to distinguish between a dream and a reality in a series.... Hey, I like it.)

For that matter, I'd like to see Angela and Hodgins back together, too.

But I doubt if we'll see all that, and I'm looking forward to Season 5, and the great mix of science, hilarity, and crime, and that great little musical bit by The Crystal Method at the beginning of every show, which in its own way is as good as the musical beginnings of Alias, The Wire, and Damages....

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