Monday, June 21, 2010

Lie to Me 2.13: The Whole Truth and Rep Joe Wilson

And here I am back with a review of Lie to Me 2.13, which was just on Fox.  A fine show-

But first, I just gotta say, where else can you see a real shot of President Obama, worked into the story line?   Only on Lie to Me, which always cuts to a few shots of real people - it's one of the show's signatures.   So tonight we get Obama's cool response to the Republican boor who screamed out "you lie" (that would Rep. Joe Wilson) as the President addressed Congress and the nation about health care this past September.   And Gillian explaining the meaning of Obama's response to the son of a presumed murder victim...

Which brings us to the story.   A gorgeous woman - Clara, played by Melissa George, who had a similar role in the first season on In Treatment - is accused of murdering her husband, twice her age (her character wasn't accused of murder in In Treatment, but she did her best to seduce the psychologist).  Cal's ex-wife Zoe (Jennifer Beals from The L Word) is defending Clara.   Before the episode is over, there'll be some good attractions between Cal and Zoe (as always), Cal and Clara (of course), and there's always a little something between Cal and Gillian.

Bruce Weitz - who's looking far more distinguished now than he ever did on Hill Street Blues - also plays a role as the deceased's best friend, and Diane Baker is the judge (Raising the Bar should've worked her in).   And Cal's at his best in seeing the truth, going with the side of truth, and ending up in bed with ...

Well, see the show.   I'm going to watch a little news, and see if I can spot any shots of famous people that may show up on Lie to Me someday...

5-min podcast review of Lie to Me

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