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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dexter 6.5 and 6.6: Decisive Sam

Hey, I was overseas last week, and missed Dexter 6.5.  But a Showtime screener was waiting when I got back home, with Dexter 6.5 and 6.6, so I'll review the both of them here.  Most of the review will focus on Dexter 6.6 - which was the better of the two episodes - and will therefore contain some choice spoilers (Dexter 6.6 will be live on Showtime tomorrow).

In fact, I thought 6.6 was one of the best episodes ever of Dexter.  It contains a decisive move - to the dark side - in the fight for Dexter's soul.

The champion of the light for Dexter is Sam, and Dexter gets the call that Sam has been shot just as Dex is about to close in and physically confront the Doomsday Killers.  It's a brilliant piece of turning point ironic writing.   Gellar and Travis get to live and religiously kill another day, because Dexter, a decent human being in almost all ways, wants to be with his new friend and partial inspiration.

But when Dexter gets Sam's parting plea on his deathbed in the hospital, Dexter is pitched into a new, harrowing internal battle between the light and dark inside him.  Don't kill my killer, Sam implores Dexter - forgive him,  let your hatred go.  Dexter might have been at least a little convinced.  He confronts Sam's killer - Nick - and might have let him live, but the taunts about getting away with Sam's killing goad Dexter into drowning the life out of him.

This is a decisive moment for Dexter.  So far this season, he's done little of the ritualistic killings that have been his stock in trade.   Dexter was almost about to do this to Travis, but let him loose in the hope that Travis would lead Dexter to Gellar,  which he almost did, had it not been for the call about Sam's shooting.   But Dex's not killing Travis, for whatever reason, continued his streak of non-killing, a continued upper hand for the light.

The streak is now broken, though Dex's killing of Sam's killer was not at all ritualistic.   At a time like this, we might expect some laconically appropriate words from Dex's father Harry.

But what we get, instead, is a reappearance of Brian/Rudy/the Ice Truck Killer - Dexter's brother, killed by Dexter in Season One.   And if Dex's brain is bringing him into view, there is some deep darkness indeed ahead for Dexter.

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