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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bones 7.7: Baby!

The last 10 or so minutes of Bones 7.7 were pure gold.   Bones, highly pregnant, and Booth in a prison riot, but with just right touch of lightness to make the scene hilarious.  Then, Bones and Booth in the car when Bones goes into labor - also presented in just the right way to be hilarious.  Bones winds up giving birth in a manger with a horse and Booth in attendance - also laughing-out-loud funny but now verging into just beautiful.  And the ending, Bones and Booth at home with the baby and the gang was just plain wonderful.   An instantly classic series of scene that were immensely satisfying and only Bones could present.

Now, ordinarily, I'd segue in the review to my favorite line in the show, something funny and profound that Sweets or someone said, or even some thoughts about the case, the villain, and how he or she was nabbed.

But that's for regularly excellent episodes of Bones, and tonight's show, especially the ending described above, was especially excellent.   Ordinarily, an ending like this if it came along might be the series finale, or the season's finale.  But here it is, in the middle of the season.

So where do we go from here?

I think I'll talk about that next week, and leave this review to the baby, and how good it was to see Bones and Booth not only in love but such happy parents.   The series, ostensibly about death or its investigation, was always really about life, and never more so than tonight.  Congratulations, Bone and Booth and all the talent that created Christine Angela.

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