Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nurse Jackie at 8

Nurse Jackie - the Showtime series about the tough-as-nails nurse with a raging pill addiction and a heart of golden compassion - is eight episodes in, and still getting better with every episode, which is pretty good indeed.

Edie Falco in the lead now seems much more like Jackie than Carmela, which is a testament to Falco's considerable talent. And the supporting characters, ranging from a doctor who repeatedly grabs Jackie (he has some kind of sexual tic - handy indeed) to an administrator (a former nurse) who makes your public school principal seem like the nicest person in the world, keep the series engagingly off-balance and fun.

My favorite character in the past two episodes is the baby who shows up in the hospital, without parents or caretakers. Administrator Gloria Akalitus unhappily takes charge.

Meanwhile, Jackie's problems with her own older daughter Grace are getting no easier. To makes things worse, the grabby Dr. Cooper overhears Jackie talking to Grace, leaving Jackie no choice but to tell Cooper she was talking to her daughter. Cooper is not only tic-ridden but talkative, and he tells Eddie about Jackie's daughter.

It's still not clear to me how Jackie has been able to disguise her family ties to apparently most of the doctors and nurses and medical personnel in the hospital this long. But, then again, she's also been able to disguise her addiction from just about everyone except Eddie.

The peril of disguise is in fact the transcending theme of Nurse Jackie, and it's making for quietly addictive viewing...

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