Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Likes Coming Together in True Blood

Lots of likes coming together in last night's True Blood - Episode 2.5 - with Sam and Daphne getting closer, as Sam learns Daphne is a kindred shapes shifter (a nice doe), and Sookie delighted to find another telepath, bell-hop Barry, at the vampire hotel ("light tight," as Sookie says) in Dallas.

Barry actually runs off somewhere, so they're not exactly drawing together even as friends, but he's still an extraordinary, mind-igniting discovery for Sookie. It's lonely being the only one of your kind.

Vampires of course have a whole society of kindred souls, and in Bill's case, he also has Sookie. She enjoys spending the night with him in a light-tight place which doesn't oblige him to leave in the morning. And speaking of light, Sarah and Jason are all but in bed together too.

Interesting back story also revealed for Eric - we see how he was made, and his maker - Godric - which explains Eric why is so devoted to saving him now. Vampire Vikings...

About the only major character we still don't know much about is Maryann - though we do get one more piece of information about her - she can make people irritated at each other, as well as lustful....

Well, let's hope that lust still keeps ruling the day - and night - in True Blood.

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