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science fiction magazines for sale: Analog, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Weird Tales, Locus

Analog Science Fiction and Fact
$5 per copy (for 5 more copies: $4 per copy) postage included - payment accepted by PayPal 
  • June 2009 Michael Carroll, Harry Turtledove, Richard Lovett
  • March 2009 David Bartell, Carl Frederick, Henry Honken, Robert J. Sawyer
  • January-February 2009 (double issue) Rajnar Vajra, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Robert J. Sawyer
  • December 2008 David Bartell, Richard Lovett, Robert J. Sawyer
  • December 2003  P. J. Plauger, Kyle Kirkland, Geoffrey A. Landis, Edward M. Lerner
  • November 2003  Larry Niven & Brenda Cooper, Lloyd Biggle Jr., Richard A. Lovett, Edward M. Lerner
  • October 2003 Verner Vinge, Robert R. Chase, Brian Plante, Edward M. Lerner
  • September 2003 Edward M. Lerner, Richard A. Lovett, Michael A. Burstein
  • October 2002, Edward M. Lerner, Michael A. Burstein, Rajnar Vajra, Timothy Zahn
  • May 2002 Dave Creek, Bud Sparhawk, Stephen L. Burns, Mike Moscoe
  • February 2002 Edward M. Lerner, Robert J. Sawyer, Mark Rich, Richard A. Lovett
  • June 2001 Adam-Troy Castro, Ben Bova, Michael A. Burstein, Pauline Ashwell,  Lawrence M. Janifer
  • February 1999 Ben Bova, Stephen L. Burns, Stephen L. Gillett
  • October 1998 Grey Rollins, F. Alexander Brejcha, Stephen L. Gillett
  • September 1998 W. R. Thompson, Michael A. Burstein, Bud Sparhawk
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bound galleys of novels by Analog authors for sale

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
$5 per copy, postage included - payment accepted by PayPal
  • June 1996 Arinn Dembo, Jacqueline Hooper, Gordon Gross, Michael Martin, Amy Sterling Casil, Michael Libling, Matthew Wells
  • October/November 1997  Walter M. Miller Jr., Stephen King, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Michael Blumlein, Jack Williamson, Gregory Benford, Jerry Oltion, Terry Bisson, Lewis Shiner, Mike Resnick, Robert Reed, Lisa Goldstein, Nancy Springer
  • February 2001  Harlan Ellison, Amy Sterling Casil, Michael Thomas, Harvey Jacobs, Garth Nix, M. Shayne Bell, M. Rickert, Albert E. Cowdrey, Frederick S. Durbin, Carol Emshwhiller

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Weird Tales $5 (postage included, payment accepted by PayPal), April/May 2007, fiction by Paul E. Martens, Will Ludwigsen, Richard Parks, Lisa Mantchev, Trent Hergenrader, Scott William Carter, Douglas Kolacki, Kurt Newton, Gerard Houarner

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$4 per copy (for 5 more copies: $3 per copy) postage included - payment accepted by PayPal
  • December 2006 James Morrow interview
  • November 2006 China Mieville interview
  • September 2006 James Patrick Kelly, Ken MacLeod
  • August 2006 Ian McDonald, John C. Wright interviews
  • July 2006 Peter Straub, Joe Hill interviews
  • June 2006 Christopher Priest, Jay Lake, Betsy Wollheim interviews
  • May 2006 Kenneth Oppel, Scott Westerfeld, Holly Black interviews
  • February 2006 Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett interviews
  • January 2006 Geoff Ryman, Dave Duncan, S. M. Stirling interviews
  • August 2005 Janis Ian, Judith Berman interviews
  • May 2005 Sean Stewart, Chris Roberson interviews
  • April 2005 Susanna Clarke, Beth Meacham, Laurel Winter interviews
  • March 2005 Clive Barker, Malcolm Edwards interviews
  • January 2005 Cory Doctorow, Charles Stross interviews
  • November 2004 Anne McCaffrey, Michael Bishop interviews
  • June 2004 Michael Swanwick, Sean Williams interviews
  • May 2004 Terry Pratchett, Liz Williams interviews 
  • March 2004 Robert Silverberg, Elizabeth Moon interviews 
  • January 2004 Nancy Farmer, Gwyneth Jones interview
  • December 2003 M. John Harrison, Jon Courtenay Grimwood interviews
  • November 2003 Ian R. MacLeod, Howard Waldrop interviews
  • September 2003 Robert Sheckley, Paul Di Filippo interviews
  • August 2003 Alastair Reynolds, Charles Stross interviews 
  • July 2003 Alan Moore interview
  • May 2003 William Gibson, Karl Schroeder interviews 
  • March 2003 Michael Moorcock, Steve Barnes interviews
  • February 2003 Harry Turtledove, Robert J. Sawyer interviews
  • January 2003 Connie Willis, Garth Nix interview
  • December 2002 Orson Scott Card, Jacqueline Carey interviews
  • November 2002 Betty Ballantine, James Patrick Kelly interviews 
  • October 2002 Dan Simmons, Jeff VanderMeer interviews
  • September 2002 Gene Wolfe, Neil Gaiman interviews
  • June 2002 Paul McCauley, Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • May 2002 Graham Joyce, Tamora Pierce interviews
  • April 2002 Stephen Baxter, Barry N. Malzberg interviews
  • November 2001 Lucius Shepard, Jack Zipes interviews
  • April 2001 Bruce Sterling interview
  • September 2000 Laura K. Hamilton, Terry Bisson interviews
  • May 2000 Guy Gavriel Kay, Sean McMullen interviews
  • November 1999 Catherine Asaro interview
  • May 1999 Jack Dann & Janeen Webb, Lisa Goldstein
  • February 1999 Norman Spinrad interview 
  • April 1998 Robert Reed, Tanith Lee interviews

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The Best of Pirate Writings - Tales of Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction
$8 (postage included, payment accepted by PayPal) for this anthology of stories by Charles de Lint, Alan Dean Foster, Esther Friesner, Ed Gorman, Mike Resnick, Allen Steele, Roger Zelazny, and 23 others

H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, $5 (postage included, payment accepted by PayPal) Fall 2006, two stories by Brian Lumley and interview by Darrel Schweitzer,  plus stories by Charles M. Saplak, Earl Godwin, Jonathan L. Howard, Lynne Jamneck, Andrew Wilson, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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