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Monday, October 13, 2014

Homeland 4.3: Quinn and Carrie

It was crystal clear last week that there was nothing more Quinn could have done to save Sandy.   Carrie might have been able to help save him, had there been a weapon under her seat, as Quinn expected.  Maybe, likely, we'll find out why it wasn't there, later in the season.

But given how clear it was to us viewers that Quinn did all he could do to help Sandy, it wasn't clear why Carrie and everyone else last week and tonight kept saying that Quinn could have done more.  It finally became clear, near the end of tonight's episode 4.3:  all of this was just a dramatic ploy, on the part of the writing, to keep Quinn off-balance, and set us up for Quinn what discovers and communicates to Carrie: there was nothing either of them could have done to save Sandy.  It was a coordinated attack, likely by Pakistani Intelligence, who would have done whatever may have been need to silence Sandy.

Which raises the new question of, why?   But before we learn anything more about that, we see Carrie using her maximum, persuasive, long-distance wiles to get Quinn to join her in Islamabad. And she seals the deal by telling Quinn she loves him.  She knows Quinn wants to hear that, because she knows that Quinn loves her.

It's a pleasure to see Carrie in such good operative shape this season.  Part of that is seductive mode, to Quinn verbally on the phone, and to the college kid who survived the explosion - except that kid gets the in-person sell, suitably hands-on, just as Carrie advised her brunette underling.

With Brody gone, and now even his lookalike baby not with Carrie either, we're being treated to a very different story, with a very different Carrie this year.   I'm liking it.   Carrie is strong and liberated.  And her relationship with Quinn, if it ever gets to go anywhere further, will be a lot better for her than what she had or thought she had with Brody.

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