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Monday, October 27, 2014

Homeland 4.5: Righteous Seduction

Homeland continued percolating on all fronts tonight, with especially good action for Carrie and Saul, in two separate but, of course, related stories, because all stories are intertwined in this series.

Carrie's seduction of Aayan progresses and expands.   She wisely pulls back the day after their first bedding, when he tells her that sleeping with her goes against his faith and makes him ashamed.  But she knows he wants her, and wants more of her, not only because he slept with her in the first place, but because she catches him looking at her body, under the cover, when she's waking up in the morning.  So she confides in him about her baby to win his confidence, draws on her own real pain to make her presentation believable, all with the goal of getting Aayan to take her in his arms and then back to bed, which he in fact does.   He wants to pleasure Carrie - it's unclear if he does, but she's again able to draw on real emotion to make the moment convincing.

As I've been saying in my reviews this year, I like this new Carrie, much more in control of herself and therefore able to play a better game of spying, much better than the wounded bird of the previous seasons.   I've seen reviews of the show that find her seduction of Aayan disturbing - taking advantage of a boy - but she's always done what's necessary, and correctly views saving of American lives as more important than other kinds of ethics.    That's why she was able to sleep with Brody in the first place.

Quinn, for obvious reasons, is the voice of prudish concern on the show.   Clearly, he loves Carrie, and that's what's moving him.  Meanwhile, Saul, who loves Carrie in a different way - as a fatherly figure - got into the thick of spying himself tonight.  Except, it turns out that everything he did at the airport, in one of the best sequences of action scenes for Saul, was all a plan from the ISI brunette agent to kidnap him.

As always, Homeland is nearly unpredictable, and I've got to say I'm enjoying this season a lot more than last year's.

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