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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Good Wife 6.4: Run-Up to Running

Hey, I've been really enjoying The Good Wife this season - the sixth - but haven't had a chance to review it, because I've been busy lamenting problems in other series, like Boardwalk Empire.  But last night's Good Wife 6.4 was so good, I just had to say a few words.

First, it's great to see how much Alicia has come into her own and progressed this season - in the first part as a tough lawyer, in this episode and the last as a candidate for State's Attorney.  She's mastered all of her previous issues and insecurities.  In at least two cases - the current State Attorney threatening her, and the potent opposition research presented to her - Alicia's response is to step up and move closer to her candidacy.   She's never looked, spoken, and behaved better.

The other characters have been in fine form, too.   Bishop's having a sensational season as a highly intelligent criminal wheeler and dealer - in many ways, he's the most danger to Alicia's interests, as we saw at the end of the hour last night - and he's also got to be the best dressed man on television.   I'd be happy to wear any of his excellent ties.

Diane is also having a strong season so far.   Her leaving the descendants of Lockhart Gardner to join Alicia and Cary's firm was an compelling move, and I especially like the way she jumped in to support of Cary in court and Alicia on the the verge of running for office.

The Cary story has been a tiny bit over the top - I find it a little hard to believe that a State's Attorney would go as far as Castro in wanting to destroy Cary, just as a way of getting at Alicia, or nabbing Bishop, or whatever his deepest motives, if he believed that Cary wasn't really guilty.  On the same topic, it's also not clear why Polmar has been prosecuting that same case against Cary so vehemently, given the close to cosy relationship he has with Alicia.  For that matter, I don't why she isn't angrier with him.  Possibly her being stopped by a cop for DWI - which happened right after she had a glass of wine with Polmar - could sour their relationship, especially if she finds out that Polmar was responsible for the cop who stopped Alicia, which I think he well may be.

In any case, I'm hoping nothing comes up which prevents Alicia from running for office - because, so far, she and show are doing the run-up to the running just perfectly.

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