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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Person of Interest 1.2: Reese and Finch

We learn some interesting things in Person of Interest 1.2:
  • Reese, though powerful, is not indestructible.  The bad guy assassin gets the better of Reese hand-to-hand, who is only able to stop the bad guy at the last minute with some fast gun play (which only stops the bad guy temporarily - he's wearing a bullet-proof vest).
  • Finch likes hiding in plain sight - working in a cubicle in the huge company that he really owns.
  • Finch ain't too bad in the field himself, limp and all, which makes him more interesting.  He manages to save the girl from the assassin long enough - until Reese gets there.
The dynamic between Reese and Finch really defines the show.   Finch is Reese's boss, but that doesn't stop Reese from doing everything he can to find out more about Finch, even though Finch doesn't want that (he's a private person, as he tells Reese, along with saying he likes hiding in plain sight).  And Reese doesn't find out too much.  But we do in this episode, courtesy of flashbacks which show how Finch started the super-computer, discovered that it also picked up potential non-terrorist crimes, which Finch at first claimed he didn't care about, or didn't want to distract from the mandate to stop terrorism.

What changed Finch's mind?  Presumably the death of his partner, whose bust with a 2010 death date we see in the lobby as Finch leaves his building, on the way to establishing yet another identity or job for himself, since Reese has broken through the current one.   How did Finch's partner die?   Likely as a result of some sort of crime, which Finch might have prevented, had he had done something about the non-terrorist data from the computer omni-surveillance system.

Good interesting stuff, and I'm looking forward to more.

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