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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NCIS 9.1: Unpacking Partial Amnesia

NCIS returned for its ninth season with a top-notch story featuring DiNozzo with partial amnesia and possible blood on his hands - blood from another NCIS agent.   Kate's sister Wendy  - a shrink - is tasked by Gibbs to coax the truth out of DiNozzo's mind.

It ain't pretty, and features another disagreeable SecNav, an FBI guy (Agent Stratton) played by Scott Wolf (last seen on the late reincarnation of V), NCIS agent Cade (shot but not killed last season). and E.J., who is actually more attractive than ever.  This time, Cade is shot and killed, but not by DiNozzo, who was set up by the bad guy to look like the killer.

The bad guy is Stratton, in league with sleazy Sean Latham (the real-life name of a University of Tulsa professor - just sayin' - I don't know him), and both are left very much standing (actually, sitting) at the end.   Good villains for the rest of this season.

E.J., alas, is just plain missing.  She was shot - by Stratton - too, so lack of a dead body is likely a hopeful sign.   I hope so for DiNozzo's sake - I think E.J. and he are good together.

You know, I was thinking as I was enjoying this show tonight, how come we never see NCIS even nominated for a major Emmy?  Not that the nominees last night are not great and deserving, but NCIS is great, too.

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