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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who's the Leak on The Closer?

With The Closer ending its Summer 2011 run, and only a few episodes left for Brenda Leigh Johnson in the Winter finale, the question looms larger and more crucial than ever - who on the team, or close to the team, has been feeding Brenda's nemesis Goldman the information he wants to use to destroy her?

Episode 7.10 concluded with Goldman brandishing files of all of Brenda's cases - how did he get those, who pointed him in their direction?

Pope has been a quietly despicable character this season, and it wouldn't be surprising at all if he was knifing Brenda in the back - even more than he did when he directed Raydor to continue her investigation.

We know that Gabriel disagreed with some of Brenda Leigh's actions and directives, so it wouldn't be shocking if he was the leak.   That's logical.  But gut-wise, I just can't see him as the traitor.

Then there's Commander Taylor, who has been in competition with Brenda Leigh since the beginning,  and whose career hasn't exactly flourished in the past few years.

That's about it for obvious choices.  I guess I would go with Pope out of the above.

But what less obvious culprits?

Captain Raydor has been almost nothing but supportive of Brenda this season - but could she be playing some sort of double game, designed to get Brenda out of the picture?   Why would she do that?  To take over Brenda's job, or even become the new Chief?

Fritz of course loves Brenda.  Could he be seeking to get her out of the job that has almost killed her in two out of the last three episodes?   A long shot ... nah, I can't see Fritz doing that ... but he did say last night that Brenda is using up her nine lives.

As for Provenza, Flynn, Tao, Sanchez, and Buzz - I can't see any of them turning against Brenda, for any reason.

That's what's making this closing of The Closer so good - in addition to the excellent action scenes. My best guesses at this point are Pope, Raydor, and, as an extreme long shot, Fritz.

See you back here this Winter.

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