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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NCIS 9.2: Lying to Yourself

A good NCIS 9.2 last night, in which lying to oneself was a central theme for two different characters.

First, when a Marine is stabbed to death, the NCIS team encounters a family who made a home for girl who claims to be in her teens.   It turns out that she is 10 years older, but truly believes she is younger, on account of trauma she encountered when she really was younger.

Meanwhile, DiNozzo wants to apologize for a prank he conducted on a classmate years ago.   When he finally finds the victim, DiNozzo learns that he was the victim himself, because the prank was perpetrated on him by the guy whom DiNozzo remembered as the victim, not vice versa.

This actually provides us with an important piece of insight into DiNozzo's personality.   The jokester became that way because he was the victim of bullying himself.   The smooth, devil-may-care persona was developed as a defense.   This makes DiNozzo more human and even more appealing as a character.

And Gibbs was especially humane in this episode, too, softly telling DiNozzo that he doesn't have to let McGee know that DiNozzo was really the victim.   DiNozzo responds that he knows that, but he should tell McGee, anyway,  and I couldn't helping thinking that scenes like this are what make NCIS so good, because it shows the team to be human beings, not cartoon characters, in an almost off-hand way that makes no big deal of it, and that's no lie at all.

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