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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Good Wife 3.1: Recusal and Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year - is coming up next week, but it played a good role in the Season 3 premiere of The Good Wife, on at a bold new time on Sunday night (bold because it goes head-to-head with top-notch cable dramas).

Alicia tries to get a Jewish judge to recuse himself from a murder case in which her Islamic client is on trial.  The request is likely to succeed, because Alicia knows the judge tends to accede to these kinds of motions (he doesn't like being reversed on appeal).   But Peter - now head Prosecutor, and Alicia's professional as well as personal opponent- sees what Alicia is up to:  since Rosh Hashanah is at hand, no Jewish judge would be able to replace the judge in question, which would guarantee Alicia's client a non-Jewish judge.  Cary lets the judge know this, just as he about to recuse himself, and the judge decides instead to continue on the case.  Score one for Peter.

But Alicia seems to be doing better in the personal realm.  She and Will have apparently spent a great night together, and seem likely to continue, to the point of now pretending in the office that they don't much care for each other anymore.  Even Eli, normally astute, is fooled.

But are Alicia and Will happy?  Not necessarily.  Certainly not completely.   Will tells Kalinda that he doesn't really feel emotions like normal people do, and Alicia, looking at herself in the mirror as Will is about to come over, seems to have misgivings.   The course of tangled love never did run smooth.

But the season seems as good or better than ever, especially with Kelli Giddish back.  She's having a one great Fall season, with a continuing part in the Law and Order: SVU precinct as well.   Chase on NBC served her in good stead, even it was cancelled too soon by NBC.

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