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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Person of Interest 1.11 and 1.12: Realignment and Revelation

Catching up with Person of Interest 1.11 and 1.12, and good thing I didn't wait any longer - episode 1.11 had a quick little conversation which, if I heard it right, changes the very premise, pulls the rug out from the under the foundation, of the very series.  Which is the kinda thing I really like in a television series.

The set-up in 1.11 was pretty good, even without the revelation.  Reese needs at last one episode to convalesce from being shot pretty badly back in December in 1.10.  Finch puts him up in a nice apartment, but, as he tells Reese, the machine waits for no man, and there's a life to be saved, of someone who lives in the building. Lots of good twists and turns in this story, good to see Dexter's David Zayas on hand.  But the biggest twist, which is nice, seems to be that Reese in a wheelchair takes over Finch's work, and Finch, who can still move, even with the limp, is out in the field, i.e, mostly in the building.

A nice temporary twist and reversal, but not the biggest twist or reveal at all.  That comes when Reese realizes that Finch is still figuring out all kinds of deep background things, even though Finch has had no access to the machine.  Reese confronts Finch and says you're the machine, aren't you.  Finch neither confirms or denies.

A fascinating revelation, if true.  But, if true, what are those little boxes we see around everyone at the beginning and throughout each episode.  If you think about it, we never see them on a screen Finch is looking at.   So they are, what, on the government's machine?  But ... is there really a government machine?  Or does it all come from Finch, who sends info to the government through some secret back door to make them think there's a machine?

Reese certainly wants to find to find out more, and at the end of 1.12 - the next episode - we see that he has Fuchs trailing Finch. He's entering some potentially dangerous, more relevatory territory, with his slain partner's son now on hand and wanting to know what his father and Finch really did.

But Reese and Finch at least now have Carter in the fold, and that's a good realignment of what Reese and Finch do.  As we've seen in these last two episodes - and many before, including, especially, 1.10 - Reese is not indestructible.  He gets hurt, and even when not briefly out of commission, bad guys can on occasion get the better of him.   With the CIA still out to kill him, having Carter on his side may be necessary for his survival. 

Good story ahead ...

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