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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Good Wife 3.12: Two Suits

The Good Wife's first 2012 episode - 3.12 - brought us two suits.   Not clothes, law suits.  And against the Lockhart Gardner.

The first was essentially another David Lee boondoggle, an "alienation of affection" case arising out a divorce case that Lee handled for the firm a few years ago.  The most important part of this suit - other than the humor - was the role that Cary unexpected plays.  His testimony helps the firm - deliberately.  And when Alicia, seeing him out, thanks and asks him what's going on, he says he's  a different man now, happy with his job as Peter's deputy.  It's good seeing a character grow like that.

The alienation of affection suit also may hold some unexpected affection for Diane, with a new character, played by Bryan Brown, a charming process server.  Not only is there a little chemistry between the two, but Bryan Brown is a cool choice to bring in as an actor: he starred in the 1987 movie, The Good Wife, a completely different story, also starring Rachel Ward.

Back to our Good Wife, the second suit of night has been progressing for a while - it's the one against Will.  Wendy Scott-Carr is tightening the vice.   Her motive is still not completely clear - she presumably wants to get back at Peter, for getting the State Attorney job she wanted,  but going after Will seems a little of a roundabout way to do this.   Fortunately for Will, he's hired the quirkily brilliant Elsbeth Tascioni as his lawyer on Alicia's recommendation, and it will be fun seeing Elsbeth ultimately take down Wendy (I hope).

The Good Wife continues as one of the best lawyer shows in that oft-practiced genre on television.

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