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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Timcast on UStream Doing Great Covering NYPD Violation of First Amendment Tonight

In between the usual New Year's Eve celebrations, I've been watching Timcast and his live UStream coverage of Occupy Wall Street, and the New York City Police (NYPD) once again violating the protesters' First Amendment rights.

I'm going to continue to talk even more about this trampling of the First Amendment - one of my New Year's resolutions - but I wanted to take a moment to thank Tim, and say how inspiring it is to have his continuous coverage of Occupy Wall Street.

There was nothing about this on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox.  Nothing on the major broadcast networks.  CNN is especially irksome - they gave us Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, who were funny enough, broadcasting from Times Square in New York City.   But there's nothing funny about the NYPD continuing its systematic flouting of the First Amendment, and the damage that does to our democracy, just a few blocks away..

But, as the mass media failed in their jobs tonight, Timcast soldiered on.  For no pay.  Motivated by the noble goal of getting world out to the world about what's been happening in New York City on this New Year's Eve and now Day.

I just saw on Timcast's live feed the NYPD block the sidewalk, then order protesters to stop blocking the sidewalk, then start arresting the group.  And Tim Pool - the Tim of Timcast -  covering this, was grabbed and pushed by police, and threatened with arrest.   Another outrageous abrogation of the First Amendment.

Tim just reported that a National Lawyers Guild observer was arrested by the NYPD, after he disobeyed their order to put his phone down!

All of this on 13th Street and Second Avenue in New York City.

You know what?  As long we have people like Tim,  democracy will never be defeated.  He just said he's "beat, hungry, and carrying this 40-pound bag".  That would be the bag with his video equipment.  It's also the bag of our freedom and future.

Most of my 2011 commentary on Occupy Wall Street is here.

-Paul Levinson, PhD
Professor of Communication and Media Studies
Fordham University
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