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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bones 7.6: The Reassembler

Yay!  Finally a villain in Bones 7.6 worthy of the brilliance of our team!  Meaning, although I think and have often said that the new Bones-Booth relationship is a wonderful transformation of the series, the actual cases this year have lacked the intensity of the Zack Addy and other tension-tingling shows and stories of Bones past.

And tonight we finally got both.  Booth and Bones decide on a house, and the baby is just six weeks away, and it's balm for the soul to see them still so happy together.

But they're faced with a sociopathic killer who rearranges the vertebrae of the victim to deliver a code, inscribes another code for a worm (the computer kind) on the end of a bone which, when scanned, shuts down the lab's massive computer, and, like that.  Booth says the killer MacGyvered it, Jack and Angela can do little more than break the code and admire it, and Angela's the first to say the guy's a genius.

He has a great alibi.  He has a security bracelet around his ankle which tells his monitors where he is, at 30 second intervals, but he's managed to beat that system and commit his murders.   Further, he's not only brutally dismembered his victims, but has Booth and Bones in his sights.   Bones can't believe she's encountered someone who's smarter than her ...

And there this story ends.   With Bones, you never know if the reassembler will be back when the series first comes back in the second half of this season, or it he'll jump back into play later this season or even next.  I'll be glad to see him again, either way - though I just hope he hasn't in some way bugged or rigged the new home that Booth and Bones are so happy in ...

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