Sunday, January 8, 2012

LP's Into the Wild

Hey, you've all seen that Citibank commercial, with the woman climbing to the top of an awesome rock formation, and another woman belting out "Somebody left the gate open, Save us a runaway train".  Jeanne Moos had a good piece about it on CNN this weekend.

I'm no fan of Citibank, and I've climbed no more than a few feet up in my life, but I was knocked out enough by the lyric, melody, and performance to seek out the full version of the song, and -

Wow, it's "Into the Wild" by LP, the most energizing, emotionally brilliant song and performance I've heard in years.

Here are two video versions - the recording with a picture, and LP's live performance.   Laura Pergolizzi not only sings but whistles evocatively, that stand-up bass player in her group reminds me of The Seekers, retro-rocked-up and launched out of this world into more than the 21st century.

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