Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Jackson and This is It: This Is Great

My wife and I just got home from an afternoon showing of This Is It - just in time to see the World Series, but I wanted to write this first.

What a wonderful, heartfelt, inspiring, original movie. All of it was great, here are some of the highights for me:

.Michael Jackson and Mekia Cox dancing a kick-ass, erotic The Way You Make Me Feel - and seeing how much the other dancers and singers were enjoying how much Michael was getting in it. This was one of the inspiring threads throughout the movie - the faces of performers working with Jackson.

.Michael Jackson and Judith Hill singing "I Can't Stop Loving You," the two of them riffing at the end, and Michael saying afterward that he shouldn't be encouraged like that - "I have to conserve my throat"

.Michael Jackson explaining to keyboard man Michael Bearden that MJ wants the music to sound just the way the audience expects it (how many times have you been annoyed or disappointed by a current rendition that doesn't sound enough like the original?)

.all the Jackson Five numbers, which didn't sound exactly like the originals, but were still superb and brought tears to me eyes

.any time Orianthi, the blondly brilliant guitarist, was in the scene ... especially when Michael and she did "Black and White"

The World Series is starting in a few minutes, so I'm logging off now. As MJ said after one his numbers, I just wanted to give you a taste.

But go see this movie when you can. Unlike Elvis and John Lennon, who tragically died with months of a vibrant rehearsals on tape, Michael left us these incredible, indelible performances. Kudos to Kenny Ortega and everyone else for bringing to us.

Francesca Maxime interviews me about the impact of Michael Jackson in July 2009
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