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Friday, October 9, 2009

Bones Meets Peyton Place and Desperate Housewives in 5.4

Last week, Bones and Booth visited Amish country. Tonight's case - 5.4 - took the two, and us, to somewhere between Peyton Place and Desperate Housewives. Suburbia, that is, with all its lovemaking and murder.

We also get a good contest of anthropology vs. psychology, in Bones vs. Sweets' analyses of the human condition behind the crime. Best line of show: Bones wonders why Sweets can't just "show" his findings to her and Booth, rather than "sharing".

Booth's son Parker puts in an appearance, urging Booth to get a girlfriend, and, eventually (of course) wondering why Bones can't move into that role. Out of the mouths of babes, but Bones intelligently realizes that Parker is actually after something else.

And the rotating assistants serve up Vaziri, the devout Muslim, who turns out to speak English with no accent at all, though he's still devout. He also gives us a good explanation of how someone can have a deep faith in the Deity, and have a powerful commitment to science. He's in effect an alternative to Bones, and her passionate scientific atheism.

Bones continues to refresh and satisfy with its cocktail of science, style, wisdom, and humor.

6-min podcast review of Bones

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