Monday, October 12, 2009

House 6.4: Diagnosis vs. Karma

One fine House 6.4 tonight, with a central story that pits the diagnosis of House against the karma of the cosmos.

A multi-billionaire's son is dying. No one, including House and the team led by Foreman, can come up with the right diagnosis. When House does, it's an incurable malady that leads to imminent death, in about a day.

The father believes that in order for his son to be saved, he has to do something to balance his extraordinary monetary success - set the karmic balance right, by losing all of his money and holdings. No one can ever bear pure, 100% success in everything, he reasons. For his son to live, the billionaire has to lose all of his money.

We've all had that feeling, haven't we. When things are going great, we expect something to go wrong to balance the books. And vice versa. The balanced cosmos can be a source of pessimism or optimism, depending upon your current up or down position.

And, of course, after the billionaire bankrupts himself, House comes up with the right diagnosis. The son recovers. Is this a victory for rational diagnosis versus cosmic karma? Or is House really an instrument of the cosmos? Maybe both are true.

Meanwhile, House is busy protecting his team on all sorts of fronts, doing what he can to keep 13 at the hospital, and giving Chase and therefore Foreman what they need to survive the M & M inquiry about the genocidal dictator Dibala's death last week.

But those situations are far from completely resolved. The plane for a new life is boarding, and 13's walking on it. Chase has still not told Cameron what he did to Dibala.

Karma - or House - still has some work to do...

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