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Friday, October 16, 2009

Ancient Bones 5.5

No, Brennan is as vibrant as ever, the series certainly isn't getting old, but the bones on Episode 5.5 of Bones tonight were ancient - as in, a mummy's.

Those Pharaohs and their families have long been the subject of forensic speculation. King Tut's mummy was thought for a while to be the product of an ancient murder - the young Pharoah was in his teens when he died - but a real-life team of Brennans found otherwise. His uncle, Ikhnaton (originally Amenhotep IV), stirred up a lot of trouble with his attempt to promulgate a monotheistic religion in his pagan world. (He was hampered by the inability of hieroglyphics to describe a ubiquitous, omnipotent, invisible deity. See my book on the history of media, The Soft Edge, for more.)

Tonight's mummy on Bones was indeed murdered, but the even better mystery was how his bleeding heart led to a murder in our times, 2009. Not by some conservative wacko. The bleeding heart in the mummy was actually a huge ruby, as Brennan's team discovers.

Bones is at her best when the cases are anthropology, and the victim and killers are scientists, or directors of labs and museums. Lots of good stuff like that in tonight's episode. And she does a fine Boris Karloff impersonation.

And two pieces of romance. Sweets and Daisy - also one of the merry-go-round of Bones' assistants - have their downs and ups. And after Bones goes on a fraction of a date with Booth's boss's boss - she's called away on a case - she and Booth have a very tender scene, in which they're about to kiss-

But are interrupted by the happy team. The course of true love on Bones never did run smooth...

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