Monday, February 6, 2017

24 Legacy 1.2: Heroes and Villains

24 Legacy was back with 1.2 tonight - the second hour in its debut - and the action was as high-adrenalin nonstop as it was last night.  Which is say: bring it on!

Now the most interesting character in this new take on the classic series is the central character, Eric Carter.   He seems as intelligent and resourceful as Jack Bauer, but he has a humanity that Jack didn't have since the first season of 24, at the end of which Jack lost his beloved wife (Jack had deep tragedy with the women he loved throughout the rest of the series).

This is just the beginning of 24 Legacy, so who knows whom Eric will lose, and what effect that will have on him, but at this point it's refreshing to see that he still cares about the people whose lives he's shoving around on behalf of the mission - like, at very least, the younger of the two cops.   This concern about the people around him, in addition to the mission, makes Eric a character to watch.

The second most interesting character is Nilaa, Senator Donovan's campaign manager in his run for President.  It would be too obvious for her to be a terrorist, just because she has an Arabic name (not to mention it would be racist), so I'm expecting her to be an especially interesting, even pivotal character in this story.

And then there's Amira, who apparently is indeed a terrorist - but then, why was she so upset when the chemistry teacher (building a bomb or whatever) killed the high school kid who liked her?  Either she's (a) a terrorist with a heart, or (b) an undercover agent herself, which makes her another one to keep an eye on in any case.

Yet to be revealed is what role Donovan's father will be play in all of this.  If I had to bet right now, I think he not Nilaa is working with the terrorists, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves on this.

On the other hand, that's part of the fun of 24, and I'm looking forward to much more.

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