Friday, February 24, 2017

Colony 2.7: Countdowns and Intentions

Colony 2.7 really got down to nasty brass tacks last night, with an episode that revealed all sorts of tidbits and bigger things about what's really going on.

First, we learned more about what we were teased about a few episodes back - the aliens have been in our vicinity since 1969, counting down to the Arrival.  And by the end of the episode, we learn two other things: the aliens are shipping humans off planet, to be eaten or who knows what, and there is another countdown in motion for when the extermination of all humans on Earth will be completed.

That end date is just a few years away, and ups the ante for what our heroes need to do.   They have less time that the usual run for many science fiction series on television to stop the invaders.   (Of course, the series could run longer, if need be.)

But we still don't quite know the nature of what the aliens expect to do with the humans, or human bodies, that they're packing up and sending off-planet.  I said "eat," which would make Colony an extended version of "To Serve Man" (classic Damon Knight story made into a classic Twilight Zone episode), but we don't really know.  Clearly, the aliens are not just incinerating humans on Earth. They're putting some effort into getting their quarry with bodies intact off-planet.   It will be interesting to see more of the alien plans.

Meanwhile, as knowledge spreads among our human characters of what the aliens are really up to - planning our elimination, for whatever reason - this is bound to bring humans, at least most of us, together.  Surely Katie's sister and her greedy husband won't want to go along the aliens, and neither will Snyder.  (Some of those new guys in the police state are so far gone, there's no telling what they'll do.)

Bram's helping with the blowing up of the alien ship has a lit a strong fuse.  The repercussions should set the rest of the season in exciting turmoil.

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