Monday, February 20, 2017

The Good Fight 1.1-2: Great Show!

CBS teased with the pilot of The Good Fight tonight - and just for good measure, put up the second episode on CBS All Access, its new streaming service, that you pay for like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.  My wife and I saw both hours and loved them.

In case you've been on Pluto (it's indeed a planet) and didn't know, The Good Fight is a sequel series to The Good Wife, one of the best all-time lawyer series ever on television.  (How good?  Right up there with Perry Mason and Petrocelli.)  It was always current, brilliant, funny, and stylish.

The Good Fight, minus Alicia and Peter, has all of that.  It even manages to start with Diane watching, aghast, as Trump is inaugurated.   And it takes off from there, with Diane caught up in a Madoff scheme, Lucca on hand, and some great new characters such as Maia (played by Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones) and Robert (played by Delroy Lindo, who always puts in a commanding performance).

The mix, like The Good Wife, is high octane, but The Good Fight looks like it will have a charm all its own.   Diane-centered episodes were always especially welcome on The Good Wife, and we'll get more of that on The Good Fight.  (Christine Baranski is better than ever.)   Maia makes an appealing new-minted attorney, and the three - Diane, Lucca, and Maia - are a powerful triad of the bar, in both the courtroom and the office.

Will The Good Fight be enough get CBS All-Access flying, along with a new Star Trek series coming soon?  Tough call.  Cheapskates that we are, we don't like paying for anything, especially sequels of series we've come to know and admire for free.   But we're happily paying for Netflix and Amazon Prime now, so you never know.

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