Monday, February 13, 2017

Black Sails 4.3: Decisive Victories and Losses - On Both Sides

A great derring-do episode 4.3 of Black Sails earlier tonight, with big victories and grievous losses on both sides.

First, let me say that what I like best about the these battles is how Flint and Silver just stand there, firing their weapons, with lots of bullets being fired at them, and they keep standing and firing.  Part of the magic of being a pirate, I guess.

Of course, not all the pirates are so invulnerable.  Blackbeard suffers his fate tonight, at the hands of Rogers who's as blood thirsty as the rest of them.  And his victory on that ship was complete: Rackham and Ann are in shackles now, too.

Back on Nassau, it was good to see Rogers' right-hand man get just what he deserves, after Billy shows up unexpectedly and levels the battlefield, actually tips it in the pirates' favor.  I was thinking Max was gonna be a goner tonight.  She came close, and I was glad to see she survived - at least for now.

So Flint has rallied the slaves and Billy and his men, and he and Long John have never been better allied.   But Rogers controls the seas now, and has a powerful and energized force at his command, not to mention two prime hostages in whatever confrontation looms ahead.

I'm looking forward.

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