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Monday, February 13, 2017

Homeland 6.4: "A Man with Painted Hair"

The best line in tonight's Homeland 6.4 is delivered by Franny, Carrie's daughter, about Dar Adal, calling him "a man with painted hair".

Out of the mouths of babes, because, that's of course true, in one way another, of just about everyone on this spy show.  Almost everyone is not who they seem to be, or say they, or say what they're doing, to the people around them.  They're are wearing masks.  As well befits espionage.

Saul lies through his teeth to his sister in Israel, and then to his Israeli counterpart who locks him up. Carrie lies to Dar about what she's telling the President-elect, and Dar lies more than anyone.

Only Quinn has been truthful so far, for the most part, this season.  He's truthful to Carrie, but of course lies to the guy across the street, who Quinn thinks is spying on Carrie, and is no doubt right.

What's he up to?  Likely connected in some way to Sekou and the stunner at the end of the episode, which I won't lie to you about or keep from you as a spoiler, because it's too important: a terrorist attack in New York City, in the form of a bomb placed in Sekou's car.

This is the most decisive event to happen so far this season, and shakes everything up - in a good way for drama, if not for the characters on the show.   Is it the first of a series of attacks?  The beginning of a larger attack?   Those few seconds at the end of the episode up-end everything that's been happening so far, including the reason for Saul's trip to Israel.

He's released, and will be on his way back to New York, where some of Dar's painted hair is likely to go the way of a toupee in a tornado,

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