Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Proud to be on Amazon, A Company That's Fighting Trump

I was proud to read yesterday that Amazon is joining a lawsuit to stop Trump's immigration ban - proud because all of my books, published by traditional presses, small presses, and self-published, are for sale on Amazon.  I'm proud to have my books up there with this progressive organization that puts its money where its mouth is.

Amazon paved a path to future with its Kindle, which allowed authors to publish their own books and break free of traditional agents, editors, and publishers, who had to pass judgement on the writing, deem it fit, before the public could see it.  That started a revolution that's still proceeding.

When you walk into an Amazon physical store, you don't have to wait in line and see a teller when you want to pay - Amazon saves you the time of having to present your money or credit information each time you make a purchase.  In smart cities, and smart parts of cities, now being planned, apartments will have refrigerators that will receive a signal when you're low on milk or orange juice, and will relay that info to Amazon, which will send out a drone with your groceries.   Or not, if you'd rather not do this. Just as people who want a printed book don't have to read an ebook.  The future is about options, not compulsions and restrictions.  The future is about openness not bans.

Amazon is helping us make our future.  The people at Amazon understand that this is a future for all humanity - that the future is inherently international.   That's why they're joining the lawsuits against Trump and his immigration ban.

Trump hawks the past - plies the ugly prejudices of xenophobia and discrimination.  He will lose, just as he already lost the popular vote, and Amazon will be one of the forces that will help bring him down.

I'm proud to stand with Amazon and the forces of the future, the forces of people and democracy, in this fight.

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