Tuesday, February 28, 2017

24 Legacy 1.5: Who's Left?

Well, I was wrong when I predicted last week that Gabriel would be Tony Almeida - indeed not only was Gabriel not that, he didn't even ... [spoiler]

survive the night (or, the hour, to stay with the 24 structure.  And neither did Ben Grimes.  Which leaves our side with far fewer possible leads and clues than we might like in 24 Legacy at the end of episode 1.5.

So where does that leave us?  I would say Henry Donovan - the Senator's father - is not only the best but pretty much the only live lead our side has.   And he seems to be a past master at lying.

We know that he's certainly up to something more than his professed goal of saving and strengthening his son's candidacy.   But in with the terrorists?  That's pretty extreme.

Of course, in the rich history of 24, we've had plenty of instances in which an American businessman or some such was either the arch-villain or close to it.   I'm actually hoping that's not the case for Henry, because well, at least at this point, that seems much too obvious.

But if not Henry, who else?  I mean, who else other than the terrorists we've already seen?  There's some kind of double-agent still at large at CTU, right, but this person is unlikely to be the head of any terrorist operation.

I'm looking forward to seeing more - meaning, not only future episodes, but a little less of Amira's family, and, for that matter, Eric Carter's, too.  Let's get on to the biggest dangers at hand.

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