Monday, February 6, 2017

Black Sails 4.2: Bones vs Flint

You can feel the players moving into final place, the characters coalescing one last time, as befits the final season of Black Sails.  What interested me the most was what we see in episode 4.2 between Flint and Billy Bones.

We've seen this before.  But tonight was the closest to all-out break, and fight to the death, interrupted only by the attacking redcoats.  Of course, as I keep saying, it can't be a fight to the death - not between characters for whom either real history or Robert Louis Stevenson's fiction has ordained will live a good somewhat longer. But it's still fun to see.

The thing about Bones vs Flint is that neither is wrong.   In their confrontation, we have a classic case of two lines of logic, both of which have merit.  Flint, as always, is the superior global theorist.  But Bones' more immediate strategy has its points, too.

This is the problem with all the pirates.  The leaders are keenly intelligent in their own ways.  But they can never quite agree on the crucial moves.  Even Teach and Rackham and Bonny can't agree on how to best avenge Vane.  And, usually, the decision is forced by some event that is beyond their control.

But if Black Sails is constrained by history and Stevenson, it does have some compelling original elements.  Woven into the story is not only the power of women, but the alliance between the pirates and slaves.   I'm hoping that, however this fine series ends, we'll see some benefits, real or fictional, from that alliance.

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