Tuesday, February 14, 2017

24 Legacy 1.3: First Big Card Revealed

The first big card was revealed in tonight's 24 Legacy 1.3.   The question is whether anything revealed this early is real or valid.  Sceptic that I am - especially regarding 24 plot structure - I'd say not.

That's why I didn't believe for a moment that Nilaa, Senator Donovan's chief assistant, was in with the terrorists, or even with the hacking, if the two were separate,  She as villain was much too easy, much too soon.

And I pretty much feel that way about Donovan's father, Henry.  He clearly was responsible for the hack, to the point of trying to pin it on Nilaa.   But I'm thinking he doesn't want a multi-pronged terrorist attack.  I mean, sure, it could help his son't campaign, but that still seems like going a little too far to believe.

Of course, part of the problem is that Gerald McRaney has been playing bad guys in high places, even in government of late, right?  He did that in House of Cards, and in Longmire he's a big businessman or rancher (I forget) who goes bad.  So it's easy to think he's a big bad guy in 24 Legacy.

But I don't think I'm buying.  Which leaves open the always intriguing question of who on the inside is doing this - helping set up and maybe even run the terrorists?  I have no idea, yet, except that in 24 fashion, it's bound to be a shock.  And while we're getting there, my favorite secondary plot development tonight was the kid not dying in high school, and Amira (with Kathryn Prescott's strong performance), managing to get into the ambulance with him, to make sure he does, if need be.

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