Friday, January 16, 2009

Battlestar Galactica, Final 1: Dee, Ellen, and Starbuck

Well, the first of the final Battlestar Galactica episodes, like the Final Five, was wrapped in enigma and jolting surprise...

Dee finds a child's jacks toy on "Earth" - revealed last year as a radioactive ruin of a planet, and revealed in this episode as populated entirely, at least insofar as the bones that were found, by Cylons. Their destruction occurred some 2000 years ago... Dee is less unhappy than just about everyone else about this. Back on the Galactica, she's looking good, Lee kisses her ... and she blows her brains out. Why?

Tyrol discovers that he has memories of Earth, and the holocaust - which makes sense, given that he's a Cylon, and there may have been some means of resurrection nearby. Did Dee kill herself because she realized she was Cylon, because of some memory of the jacks?


And then there's Ellen. Tigh, back on ruined Earth, remembers at the end of the episode that he and Ellen died there, 2000 years ago, and Ellen told him not to worry, they would resurrect and be together again. So, Ellen is/was the final Cylon?


But what an exquisite additional maybe final twist to the Tigh and Ellen story. He loves her but kills her because he think she's a human who helped the Cylons (on his behalf). Then he finds out that he's a Cylon, himself. And now he find that Ellen's a Cylon, too. (Did she resurrect on the ship? If so, where is she now?) Some eons, you just can't win...

Meanwhile, Kara is in some ways the most interesting of all. She finds her ship and corpse on Earth - not from 2000 years ago, but from when she went to Earth, some two years ago, in television series time. So ... she was somehow replicated, resurrected, or whatever it took to get her living and back in a craft again and reunited with the BSG crew? And why did she tell everyone it would all be ok, when she first got back?

One thing's for sure: the riddle of Battlestar Galactica is a lot more complex than it seemed, which was complex indeed.

But we may have an answer for the Dylan song. Anders remembers playing it some 2000 years ago. So ... the Cylons originally arrived "here" some time after right now (in our real time), and Dylan was in the air (as he is now), and the Cylons picked up his music?


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