Thursday, January 15, 2009

Damages 2.2: A Good World of Hurt

More fine, brooding complexity in last night's Episode 2 of Season 2 of Damages last night, with William Hurt's Daniel Purcell quickly emerging as the most provocative new character, and played to the hilt by Hurt, whom we don't see enough of on television.

Purcell's wife was murdered last week. He's clearly being framed, with much the same results as in The Fugitive - no one other than Purcell saw the man who did the murder. Patty at first doesn't want to represent him, but she can't help herself. The case is too interesting, not to mention involving some huge energy companies - nothing makes Patty happier than bringing down a powerful foe, the bigger the better, and -

There's definitely some kind of history between Purcell and Patty - and I think it's a pretty good guess that he's the father of her son.

Meanwhile, Ellen's plan to get Patty on FBI tape doing something illegal has failed, because Patty has shifted to the Purcell case, and Tom, who has taken over Ellen's bait case, just manages to avoid doing something he shouldn't. Patty has heard something of what Tom was about to do - give one of the clients some money - and warns Tom just in time.

But now Patty is aware that Ellen brought this case in, and it's clearly just a matter of time until more of her complicity is exposed.

Is it ok if I say I'm rooting for Patty in this?

Last season I was pulling for Ellen - but until we see proof that Patty did order a hit on Ellen, I'm getting less sympathetic to her playing with the sleazy FBI agents.

Looking forward to more next week.

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