Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big Love Season 3.1: A 4th...

Big Love Season 3 came back tonight with a great new episode mostly about a 4th - or, whether Bill, Barb, Nicki, and Margene will ask Ana to marry them, or make her Bill's 4th wife and their 4th sister.

We met Ana last season, which established that Bill and she are sexually and romantically attracted, Bill might want to marry her but she may not want a polygamous marriage, Margie thinks Ana's a great idea as a sister wife (and happily told Ana about Bill's status), and Barb and Nicki definitely not.

What's changed this year is Barb may be sick again, which puts her in touch with why she encouraged Bill to bring Nicki into their family seven years ago. Back then, Barb wanted to help choose the mother of her children, if she succumbed, and wanted Bill to be happy, too.

But what's motivating Barb now? Something a little more complex, since Nicki and Margie are already on hand to take care of Barb and Bill's children, and Bill. This time, it's likely that Barb sees how blessed their family has been since Bill found and acted on the "principle" - her cancer has been in remission for seven years - and Barb wants to bring in more blessings, and help cure her, again.

Ana's still not sure. Bill's thinking he can make her see the light - as well as Barb and Nicki - but determines not to sleep with her until there's a wedding ring on her finger (kissing is permitted). One of the times he goes over there, though, one things leads to another, and they make love. Bill feels guilty and tells Ana it's over-

But that would have been unlikely, in any case, given that Barb usually gets what she wants, and with she and Margie both wanting the same thing, the odds are heavily in their favor. Margie pays Ana a visit, and gives her a copy of the Book of Mormon.

Back at the Henrickson part of town, Bill, Barb, Nicki, and Margie are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their real status from the neighbors (one couple, who said they'd keep the secret, already know). Nicki puts on a great act to disguise their relationship and-

Ana shows up, presumably having read the Book of Mormon, or at least thought it over, and, says, in front of who knows exactly who, that she's ready to be a 4th....

So the story of the season is underway. Add in some good touches like one of Bill's much younger half brothers being thrown out of the compound by Bill's father, a hit out on Alby (polygamy's ok but gay is not in this world) , and Margie to the rescue in a deal Bill is pursuing with a Native American to help set up a casino, and it looks like a fine group of episodes of beds ahead and a family that's so normal in every way except one.

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