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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fringe 11: "A Traitor, A Criminal, And A Lunatic"

Fringe is back, in all its slithering, offbeat glory. The monster tonight in Episode 1.11 was a slug-sized common cold virus - something we can all identify with, except this one rips out your lungs, reminiscent of what Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London" do.

More long lasting in his threat to Olivia and her unit is Harris. Olivia previously had him brought up on sexual harassment charges, but he walked away from that, and now he's back on assignment - reporting to his Homeland Security superiors on how Olivia and the crew are doing. As Harris puts it, Olivia has been working with a traitor (John), a criminal (Peter), and a lunatic (Walter). Well, he does have a point, but, otherwise, he's no pleasure to have around.

The worst threat of all comes from whoever it is who kidnapped Olivia, and genetically engineered the big virus, and the other bio horrors we've seen on the show. Except - after Olivia gets her kidnapper (an FBI agent in Olivia's unit - Loeb - speaking of traitors) to talk, at least a little, he tells her that she was kidnapped for her own good.

So, who can Olivia trust? She better get it right, because, just to up the ante, now her sister and sweet little niece have moved in with her...

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1 comment:

Dr. Mabuse said...

Could this be developing rather like 'Threshold', where aliens were genetically altering human beings to improve them? We got no explanation of Olivia's spinal tap - I assumed it was to access John Scott's memories, but perhaps it was for another reason. Perhaps "they" are using the Fringe science to kill or enslave humans, and Olivia was going to be exempted and allowed into the ruling class. I had an uneasy feelings that Mr. Jones was picturing Olivia as some sort of consort who would join him in ruling the world. No idea how the Observer could fit into all this, but I'm sure he will come up again.