Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Love 3.2: Two Issues Resolved, Two Not So Much

Big Love resolved two major issues last night, and introduced two new ones, giving the first two episodes of the new, third season the feel of an excellent two-hour movie, prequel to the rest of the season that starts/continues next week.

Issues Resolved:

1. Bill, with a little help from Margene, is getting the Native American casino deal. This will position his company to make some big, secure money (and good for the storyline that this happened before the meltdown that we're now in).

2. Barb is ok - her cancer has not recurred. I'm glad this was resolved, and so positively, so early in the season. It also afforded us a chance to see Nicki reacting when Bill first tells her that Barb may not be ok - one of the few times we see genuine emotion and concern and nothing feigned from Nicki in the family. When Barb gets the great news that she is ok, we also see her looking at Ana. And this leads to -

Unresolved/New Issues

1. Barb had suddenly encouraged Bill and Ana when Barb thought her cancer might have come back. Now that she knows it isn't, Barb is going back to what certainly seems to us, the viewers, as a more sensible, only-human response: Barb may not be happy about Bill and Ana. And Ana is not fitting into the family too well in any case. Will we be seeing a 4th skater on the ice next season? Still too early to say, but it's beginning to not look good...

2. And, Sarah's pregnant. This is one of the most significant developments for the family in the past three years. Now we know why Sarah wants to go to school out of state - and why she's pulling away from the father, whom she loves, but can't face with this news.

Roman was back in the picture last night, Bill resolved a pretty serious problem with Don, and this second episode, like the first, is moving this third season along to a superb start.

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