Saturday, January 31, 2009

Galactica Alamo!

All hell and mutiny broke loose on Battlestar Galactica, Final Episode 3, last night ... concluding with a spectacular scene of Bill Adama and Tigh defending a hatch with weapons in hand against all odds, backs to the wall, as if they were defending the Alamo...

The odds were most of the rest of the human crew - unhappy, as we saw last week, about Adama's order to install Cylon faster-than-light drives in the ships. Gaeta, who has graduated from pathetic to despicable, is now giving the military orders, and Zarek the political.

The real President, Laura, is now finally back in the fray, trying to douse the mutiny, but it's a little too late. Balter weighs in too, with similar nil results. On the other hand, we had another great scene when Adama takes Laura in his arms, and they kiss, let's hope not goodbye, and Lee, Starbuck, and some of the small band of good-guy humans board a shuttle craft that Tyrol had secreted for perhaps just such an occasion.

Another great scene, earlier, had Starbuck blasting away a couple of humans to save Lee. Then she kisses him, too, and says it feels good to be alive.

BSG has never been better in fast-moving blasting, in which every major character is expendable... and we've yet to see what the bad Cylons - Caville and company - are going to do about all of this.

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