Monday, January 26, 2009

24 Season 7, Hour 6: Adrenalin and Major Developments

Pure adrenalin 24 Season 7 Hour 6 tonight ...

What we've learned: the President's Chief of Staff may not be a bad guy, after all. At very least, he doesn't know that the bad guys have kidnapped and are trying to kill the First Gentleman...

: (1) The President's son's (late son's) girlfriend - killed by the Secret Service guy working for the above bad guys. Too bad, I liked her. (2) Emerson, by Jack and Tony, who is not too happy about Emerson's death (they were like "brothers"). In contrast, I'm glad. He was no damned good.

Rapprochement: I'm also glad to see Jack and Renee getting closer again. She survived - Bill and Chloe rescued her, nice touch. And now she's realizing why Jack had to do what he did.

President's cabinet: Especially of interest these days, with Obama's cabinet taking their offices. Regarding President Taylor's - her Secretary of State resigned. No loss. Good to see her hanging tough in a terrible situation.

President: Speaking of which, Allison Taylor has become my favorite President so far on 24. She surpasses even David Palmer, and the others are no contest. She's strong, and sensible, and doesn't ruffle.

Looking forward to next week.

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5-min podcast review of 24 Season 7 Hr 6 - with special prediction of the FBI mole at the end

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