Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lost 5.3: The Loops, The Bomb

A strong, quiet second act and third hour of Lost Season 5 tonight, in which we learn -

1. The origin, or at least a big piece of the history of, Charles Widmore, whom we see as a young man, part of Richard's people in a military outfit, back on the island in the early 1950s...

2. We also see Widmore in the future, our present, as he advises Desmond, who comes to see him, to take Penny and stay the hell away from the island. Desmond says he will, but you and I both know he won't. So does Penny, deep down. They have a baby boy - his name is Charlie. But don't get that excited - the baby boy is much more likely named after our Charlie Pace, and is not him.

3. Back to Richard - we now have more confirmation that he's some kind of eternal living on the island. This was pretty clear already, and certainly last week, but was good to see tonight anyway. Also nice was Locke closing the little loop that was opened last week - he gives the compass that the older Richard gave him in the future, back to the younger Richard in the 1950s past. The older Richard of course remembered that he had met Locke, because was older than he was when he meets Locke in tonight's meeting, but Locke did not, because he was about an hour or whatever younger last week than he was tonight. (Paging Dylan, and even B. Button, "but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now...") You now you see, again, why I love time travel and its loops.

4. Desmond of course is also caught in these loops, and tonight's episode was in effect Part II of the great time travel episode with Desmond last year. He's now heading back to L.A., with Penny and little Charlie, because that's where Ms. Hawking - Faraday's mother - now is. But, as we saw last week, Ben's there, too - where he may be put to what I see as his ultimate moral test: will he kill Penny, as he vowed to her father at the end last year? If he does, or tries to, I'll lose any belief in his ultimate goodness. If he refrains it's a whole new world...

5. Also in L.A. is Jack - and that stadium - in which Desmond met Jack on the stairs at the beginning of Season 2. I don't even want to go there. Actually, yes I do - maybe this will give some hint of how that insane coincidence came to be. (I've written that the inexplicable coincidences hold the keys to what is really going on.)

6. And last but not least - back on the island there's a hydrogen bomb hanging around, waiting to be buried. Maybe that's the island's powerful electromagnetic energy source - or helps power the island's time skips...

I'm really enjoying being back on the island - and off.

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