Friday, January 23, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Final 2: Baby and Mutiny Make Three

We learned two profound things in tonight's 2nd episode of Battlestar Galactica's finale sequence -

1. Tigh's Six is pregnant with Tigh's baby. This is a highly significant clue about the past and the future, and what is really going on in this universe. As Six says, this is the first time two Cylons have conceived - and, not for want of trying, as she sexily says. This pregnancy, then, confirms something which a lot of us have been thinking: the final five Cylons are, in a very crucial way (or, likely more than one crucial way), not like the Sharons, Leobens, Sixes, Cavils, etc. At very least, the men in the final five can impregnate the other non-five, android Cylons. And this may well be because - well, certainly one possibility is the final five are really the ancestors, the parents, of the other Cylon models, and/or the humans we have come to know...

2. Speaking of which - all's not well among the humans. Gaeta and Zarek are, in their own mutually catalytic ways, fomenting mutiny. This is born of their continuing distrust of the Cylons, in any form. In contrast, the Adamas are seeking rapprochement, and, in the bargain, Bill and Laura are finding some long-deserved comfort.

Where is this heading?

Looks like three groups: the anti-Cylon humans; the human-Cylon alliance (consisting of both the final five special Cylons, and the Sixes, etc); and the Cavil and company bad Cylons. With the Resurrection ship gone, one thing is pretty clear: the only real future the Cylons can have is with the human alliance - if the other humans don't extinguish it first.

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