Friday, March 3, 2017

Colony 2.8: What Passes for a Happy Ending

Well, nothing ends too happily on Colony, given the alien occupation with the most lethal intentions, but we got about the best we can expect from the ending of episode 2.8 earlier this week.

The Bowman family is back together.  Bram's back home, at last joining Charlie whom Will got back at the beginning of this season, completing the snapshot that Katie held in her hand, of Will and her and Bram, Charlie, and Gracie, before the aliens arrived.

Not only that, but Snyder had his best moment so far, too, saving Bram from the fate that Snyder's factory was accorded due to the alien drone being destroyed - with Bram's help - in episode 2.7.  And just for good measure, that irritating tutor was shot dead by the guerrillas who attacked the Bowman house.  It was good to see her go.

But ... who were the guerrillas?  Given that Will learned that Frankie's mom Karen is the real head of the resistance, my guess is that raid was ordered by Karen, as retribution for Frankie's death.  It's great to see Laura Innes back on the screen in this role - and, who knows, maybe she won't turn out to be the villain tonight. (It's possible those Nazis running security did it - but why wouldn't they just send in their police force? Because they didn't want it known by anyone that they killed the Bowmans?  Maybe.)

It's also good to see Colony picking up the pace of its narrative, with big changes happening now in every episode.   The stakes are higher - much higher than before - and, as Snyder says to Bram, both Snyder and Will are more on the same side than Will might think, with doomsday from the aliens approaching at light speed.

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