Monday, February 2, 2009

Heroes Gets Lost

Heroes got Lost, tonight, ending with-

I'll get to that in a few minutes.

First, I gotta say, what was Claire doing saying she's been accepted by the best colleges, "Hamilton, Smith, Georgetown" at the beginning of this episode? Hamilton? No offense to Hamilton, it's a fine school, but it's not in the same league as Smith and Georgetown ... Maybe this is some sort of in-joke by the writers...


The heroes are being rounded up by Nathan. Stunned and taken away in shackles, like terrorists to Gitmo. Claire, Matt, Peter, Hiro, Mohinder, the new Niki are captured.

But not Sylar, which is satisfying, as presumably bad as he still is.

And Nathan lets Claire go - which leads to her getting on the plane - which is flying away with the prisoner heroes - and fomenting an attempt to take it over. Which leads to its crashing...

That's what I mean about Lost. In its first season, Heroes was praised by some as being better than Lost. Now Heroes is just sort of mimicking the plane crash, and who knows what's coming.

Well, at least Ando has superpowers, and he's free, and looking for Hiro. And HRG's working with Nathan - which means, maybe there's some good to what Nathan's doing.

We'll see...

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