Monday, October 18, 2010

Rubicon Season One Finale: Andy, Truxler, Clover

Rubicon ended its first season on AMC much as it has been doing all along, a riddle wrapped in a clover leaf inside an enigma. We don't even know if what we saw last night was the end of the just the first season or the end of everything - that is, it's not completely clear if Rubicon will be renewed, though I certainly hope it is.

The surprising reveal, which raises more questions than it answers, is Andy, Will's mostly welcoming neighbor.   Katherine's late husband directs her to an apartment, where Andy happens to be.  She agrees to go with Katherine to briefly meet Will, though Andy cautions Katherine that that's dangerous.  And Katherine is indeed murdered - by a swift injection in the back of the shoulder by Mr. Roy, doing Truxler's work - as Will looks on from an overpass, and Andy from the underpass, neither able to do anything to save Catherine.

Will is horrified.   But what about Andy?   Who, indeed, is she?  She's obviously some kind of spy, and was no doubt assigned to keep an eye on Will, but whom is she working for?  Unlikely Truxler, otherwise she could have easily killed Will herself, rather than leaving that attempt to Bloom.  Possibly for Kale - who has a maddeningly low profile in this episode - or the FBI, CIA, or the group that sentences Truxler, take your pick.

Meanwhile, Truxler presents another mystery.   He's given the clover leaf.  But he hasn't yet taken his life when Will finds him on the roof.   Truxler notes how much better the roof is than struggling with the window - presumably easier to jump off a roof than out of a window?   (If he'd planned on shooting himself in the head, he could have already done that.)   I thought the episode would end with Truxler jumping off the roof right in front of Will's eyes, after congratulating Will on his success in id'ing and essentially stopping Truxler.

But Truxler walks away - to live another day?   One of many reasons I hope we get to see another season of this fine, chess-game of a show, which somehow manages to pack a lot of power and punch in its low-key story telling.

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