Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Event 1.3: 24 Back in Action

A strong episode 1.3 of The Event on NBC last night, with the series seeming ever more a successor to 24 than to Lost, which I take as a good.

The main plot focused on Sean and FBI Agent Angie Collier.  They're first antagonists, as Collier takes Sean into custody, then allies of sorts, as Sean takes care of her after the car crash that kills Angie's partner, and then allies in full, as Angie helps Sean escape from the "marshals" seeking to take him into custody.

I put the "marshals" in quotes because they're clearly not good guys, and are working either for the aliens aka the detainees (or a branch of them not detained) and/or people in our government.   The whip-fast gun fights, Sean and the evidence convincing Angie just in time are all reminiscent of the action and quick-shifting crucial loyalties that were the appealing stock-in-trade of 24.

Meanwhile, on the alien/detainee front, William is promised freedom in return for revealing secrets about the aliens to our government.  He also wants a rendezvous with his girlfriend, Maya, who surprisingly proceeds to stick a shiv in him to keep him permanently quiet.  She's apparently more loyal to her "people" than her boyfriend.

But before this episode is over, we learn that dead may not really be dead in this story - at least for passengers on the flight spirited from the President's event to the desert of Arizona.   They were shown as dead last week, but they all rose back into life this week.

This is decidedly unlike 24 - with the exception of a character or two shown to be killed but whom we later found out was not -  but may provide some clue as to who or what the aliens really are ...

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