Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fringe 3.3: Our/Their Olivia on Their Side

Fringe 3.3 brought us back to the other universe, where our Olivia, who thinks she's their Olivia, is beginning to have misgivings about her true identify.   Fringe seems to be alternating episodes between our universe and theirs this season, which so far in working quite well.

In Fringe 3.1, Olivia started out knowing she was our Olivia, but was disconcerted by instincts and moves she had which were not hers.   That episode ended with our Olivia taken over by their Olivia, or pretty much thinking she was their Olivia.

In Fringe 3.3, this new hybrid, original-mind repressed Olivia begins to get back in touch with her original self.  Indeed, it saves her life, when she runs by an amber alert - respect for which is deeply ingrained on all people on the other side - and avoids being killed by a trap set by an idiot savant who dispatches his real and projected enemies by setting in a motion a series of Rube Goldberg devices which eventually extinguish the target.

What will happen if our Olivia's true personality begins to more prominently poke through?  She's in danger, because if Walternate gets wind of it, he'll kill her.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering who the idiot savant was?   Someone from our side?   Is there an implication that idiot savants are the way they are because they have some connection with the other side?

Fringe continues weaving an exciting, tightly drawn, rigorously reasoned tale of science fiction.

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The Plot to Save Socrates

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